New Technology Allows Wireless Printing From Palm Devices

Bachmann Software & Services has announced a new system allowing Palm users to print to any standard printer. The new InfraReady adapter can be attached to any printer, and using Bachmannis PrintBoy software, users can wirelessly print from their Palm handheld. According to Bachmann Software & Services:

Bachmann Software & Services today announces the introduction of its portable InfraReady Adapter, a pocket-sized device that enables users to convert any printer to accept infrared beaming of documents from handheld computers. Bachmannis PrintBoy is the most popular printing software for the Palm OS, allowing handheld users to wirelessly "beam" their documents to a printer. By offering users of Palm Powered devices both printing software and an infrared adapter, Bachmann Software is providing the mobile computing marketplace with the first complete portable printing system.

The InfraReady Adapter allows mobile workers who depend on their handheld computers to connect the adapter to the parallel port on any printer that does not already have infrared capabilities, and create IR printing access on the spot. The adapter can be used in conjunction with PrintBoy to produce hard copies of documents, spreadsheets, forms, sketches, etc. without the need to perform a synchronization between the Palm Powered handheld and the desktop PC.

"There has been an increasing demand for portable printing capabilities, yet we realized that not everyone has an infrared printer available to them. By offering both the PrintBoy utility and the InfraReady Adapter, mobile professionals finally have the ability to print no matter where they are," stated Dan Reuvers, vice president of Bachmann Software. "This device is small enough to fit in a suit pocket or purse and itis the least expensive IR method of ensuring the ability to print regardless of time or location. With PrintBoy and our new InfraReady Adapter, road warriors can enjoy absolute access to their documents - even if the printer they want to use doesnit currently have IR capabilities."

The InfraReady print adapter is available for US$59. You can find more information on the InfraReady Adapter and PrintBoy software at the Bachmann Software & Services Web site.