New "Tenacity" TrueType Font Available

Joe Gillespie, of Web Page Design for Designers fame, has released a striking new font. The new goodie, called Tenacity, is targeted for Web use. According to Mr. Gillespie:

Tenacity is crisp, clear and highly legible because it aligns perfectly with the natural pixel grid of the screen and avoids the blurring and unevenness that is inevitable with small anti-aliased type. Like its smaller brother MINI 7, Tenacity is designed specifically for Web page navigational elements or for multimedia and regular software interface elements.

The TrueType font family, for Mac or PC, comprises Regular, Condensed and Extended in both Roman and Bold versions. A bonus font, Tenacity Extras, contains pixel accurate spaces, borders, arrows and bullets. Due of its very small size, MINI 7 only has capitals and numerals, the few extra pixels in height allow Tenacity fonts to have a full character set of upper and lower case and accented letters.

Tenacity is available for US$15. You can find more information, as well as samples, at the WPDFD Web site.