New Titling Plug-In For iMovie Shipping From Stupendous Software

Stupendous Software has released a new plug-in for iMovie users, Effects For Titles.Effects For Titles is a plug-in pack designed for expanding the standard iMovie titling set. The plug-in ships with 25 title effects including glows and coloring options. According to Stupendous Software

Stupendous Software announces the release of the "Effects For Titles" effects plugin pack for Apple Computeris (AAPL) iMovie video editing package.

This new plugin, containing 25 effects, is meant especially for titles and other images of text. The effects include several colorization schemes, specialized glows, reflection, and slitscan effects. Also included are overlay effects for placing previously generated titles over video clips.

You can find more information about the Effects For Titles plug-in release at the Stupendous Software Web site. The Effects For Titles plug-in is available for US$25.00.