New Tool Allows Computer Access From Two Different Locations

Gefen has released a new tool allowing users to share different monitors, audio sources, and USB inputs, the ex-tend-it CAT5-4000 Matrix. The switch allows users to access the same computer, simultaneously or independently, from two different locations. According to Gefen:

Gefenis ex-tend-it CAT5-4000 Matrix is a two-by-two switch and extender-in-one ideal for professional usage. By "matrixing" two monitors, two USB connections and two audio sources, users can work from two separate locations on the same computersimultaneously or independently of each other.The CAT5-4000 Matrixis equipped to handle two users working on two multi-platform computers via an extended USB keyboard, mouse and monitor from up to 330 feet from the computer.

In addition to the technical benefits, the CAT5-4000 also promotes a streamlined working environment. "With ex-tend-it CAT5-4000, out work area is less cluttered, our screen resolution is greatly improved and we can extend the equipment up to 300 feet," said Bill Koepnick of Advantage Audio, a cutting-edge post production house specializing in cartoons for television and film. "Gefen keeps a good finger on the pulse of the industry and consistently comes up with helpful hardware thatis easy to operate and install before anyone else does."

"With the ex-tend-it CAT5-4000 you get the best of both worlds. For the office or studio that operates more than one computer at a time from an extended location, it is ideal," said Hagai Gefen, president, Gefen Inc. "To our knowledge, it is the only KVM switch that works with USB keyboard and mouse modules and standard VGA video."

The CAT5-4000 has a built-in rackmount enclosure and comes equipped with industry-standard category 5 cable connections. User friendly options include the RMT-16 remote control unit and front panel buttons that allow the user to switch and assign computers to a specific workstation.

You can find more information about the CAT5-4000 Matrix at the Gefen Web site.