New Tool Makes Sharing Databases Easy (Updated With Price Correction)

[Editoris Note: This stroy was originally published with the price listed as US$999. The correct price for ODBC Routeris starts at US$399. The story has been corrected accordingly.]

August Software has released a new tool for sharing ODBC compliant databases across mixed networks. Their ODBC Routeris actually run of Windows NT/2000, but is fully ODBC compliant, thus allowing Macs and other systems to easily access and share database information. According to August Software:

August Software today shipped a small business edition of ODBC ROUTER, its leading Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) solution for Macintosh and Windows.

Available now at the companyis ODBC.NET website, AUGSOFTiS ODBC ROUTER serves Windows compatible databases to entire networks of Macis and PCis running Microsoft Office, web servers and other ODBC-aware applications. Because ODBC ROUTER itself runs on Windows NT/2000 and relies upon standard ODBC drivers to complete the database connection, Macintosh clients have access to virtually all database systems, from the oldest releases of COBOL, PL/I and VSAM based mainframes to the latest public betas of SQLServer 2000 and ORACLE. ODBC ROUTER provides further significant value to PC users by shifting per-desktop Windows ODBC driver procurement, maintenance and upgrades onto a more cost-effective shared Windows NT/2000 server.

The new ODBC ROUTER "Small-Office/Home-Office" (SOHO) Edition, introduced today, provides the features of AUGSOFTiS high-end ODBC ROUTER Enterprise Edition in a package designed to support one to three concurrent (Mac or Windows) database sessions.

Pricing for the ODBC Router starts at US$399. You can find more information at the August Software web site.