New Toolbar Caller ID Released From Reel Intelligence

Reel Intelligence is now shipping a new app for Mac users, BluePhoneMenu 1.0. BluePhoneMenu is a utility designed for displaying incoming caller ID information directly on a users menu bar. The utility currently support BlueTooth enabled phones and also support multiple devices. According to Reel Intelligence:

BluePhoneMenu is a small application that adds Caller ID functionality to your menu bar and desktop using your Bluetooth enabled phone.

BluePhoneMenu does not need to sync with your address book or run any complex tasks. Simply add BluePhoneMenu to your startup items and it will wait for a call from any Bluetooth phone you have paired. You can also monitor signal strength, battery power and many other properties all from the menu bar.


  • Incoming Call Notification Options: visual and audio alerts, dialog boxes, and menu bar messages
  • Recent Call List: including the caller’s name*, the time of the call and the device that received the call
  • Current Status of Connected Phones: including signal strength, battery power, silent mode, message alert, off-hook and roaming**
  • Support For Multiple Phones: distinguishes which of your devices a call was

You can find more information about the BluePhoneMenu 1.0 release at the Reel Intelligence Web site. BluePhoneMenu pricing is available by contacting the Reel Intelligence sales team.