New Tricks Word Processor Updated With New Tricks

KB Productions has released an update to New Tricks, their shareware word processing app. The new version includes new features, bug fixes, and more. According to KB Productions:

KB Productions, in association with Trap Zero Software Group, is proud to announce the release of New Tricks 1.3, the newest version of their word processing software. Improvements in version 1.3 over previous versions of the software include:

  • F-TeePee Add-on allows you to upload files via FTP, quickly and painlessly
  • "Open URL" feature allows you to grab the source code of web pages quickly
  • highly improved print screen, including showing of page breaks, easier margin setting
  • added "Go to Line..." under the Edit menu, useful for editing source code files
  • various other bug fixes

New Tricks is the first word processor that features plugins, or what we call Add-ons, which extend the capabilities of the program. Add-ons that ship with the product give you the ability to send e-mail from the program, sort your documents in various ways, apply text formatting to special parts of the document, and more.

You can find more information and download links for New Tricks at the KB Productions Web site (including screen shots). The product is shareware and is priced at US$15. The update is free to registered owners of version 1.x. New Tricks ships for both Windows and the Mac, and a Mac OS X version is coming, according to the company. The company even offers a 68k and PPC version for the Mac.