New Tungsten T5 Boasts 256MB Flash Memory

palmOne introduced Monday the Tungsten T5 handheld with 256 megabytes of flash memory - the most built into a handheld to date.

Expected to be widely available in early November, the T5 (see photo below) replaces the T3 as PalmOneis top-of-the-line unconnected handheld, and will cost US$399.

The greatest convinences of the T5s flash memory is its ability to double as a portable USB flash drive and not lose data when the device loses its charge. With 256MB of flash memory, 215 MB will be available to the user and the remainder reserved for internal applications.

A new File Transfer application shows the contents of the T5is internal drive in a window, so that users can drag and drop files between the handheld and the PC much the way they can with other drives in Windows Explorer.

The Palm Desktop doesnit have to be installed to use the T5 as a flash drive. A Drive Mode feature lets you connect the T5 to any fairly recent Windows PC or Mac via a USB cable, to see the T5 as a removable drive.

The T5 comes with a new connector, doing away away with the Universal Connector found on the T3. With the Multi-Connector, power and data are now two separate connectors, allowing users to take the charger cable with them on a trip instead of the entire cradle.

Unlike the T3, the T5 isnit collapsible, so users will always see the full screen. As a result, the T5 is significantly taller.

The new handheld also features a 320 by 480 resolution color screen, Bluetooth wireless technology, and an all-new sleek and slim design. The T5 does not come with Wi-Fi technology, but palmOne claims a Wi-Fi card is coming soon for the T5 after a driver update.

The T5 is powered by The T5 Intelis 416-MHz Bulverde CPU XScale processor.

Being introduced with the Tungsten T5 handheld is a host of new accessories, including a Hard Case, Leather Case, USB Cradle Base, Cradle Kit and Combo Stylus with Pen Multipack.

The company also announced a $50 price reduction to $349 for the Tungsten T3 handheld.