New UK iPod Battery Replacement Service Available has announced a new service for UK iPod users, iPod First Aid. iPod First Aid is a service designed for the replacement of worn out iPod lithium-ion batteries. The service features battery replacement and a 90-day warranty on the new batteries. According to

The new iPod First Aid service elegantly solves the growing problem of worn-out rechargeable batteries in Appleis first and second generation iPod players.

iPod First Aid is now the best service deal of its kind in the UK (see note 1). The price includes swift, professional battery replacement by (see note 2), a 90-day new battery warranty, and return to the owner by registered post.

It is an inevitable performance characteristic of lithium-ion rechargeable cells---as used in the iPod---that they can only be charged and recharged a finite number of times (due to inescapable restrictions of their chemical composition). With extended use and repeated recharging, many users have reported that the iPodis playing time can decrease to an impractical level, sometimes only 18 months after purchase.

The only cure is to install a new battery---not a trivial task, since batteries are sealed within the iPodis case. solves the problem with its innovative and reasonably-priced iPod First Aid service.

You can find more information about the iPod First Aid service at the Web site. The iPod First Aid service is available for UK£75.00.