New USB Authentication Method To Hit The Shelves

Griffin Technologies is introducing SmartID at COMDEX this week. SmartID is a simple 2-factor authentication solution that can be used to enhance an organizationis information security strategy. According to Griffin Technologies:

More secure than the password often left on a post-it note stuck to the computer monitor, SmartID augments the existing username/password security model with a small, easy to use USB key. Unlike many 2-factor authentication systems, SmartID does not require any expensive and time-consuming PKI rollout in order to work. SmartID is designed to be easy to deploy and easy to use by organizations that canit or donit want to employ information security specialists to manage the system.

SmartID is a combination of a hardware token and password that works for a particular person at a particular workstation. It is an attractive key-like device that can be carried on a key-ring and simply plugged into the USB port of the computer. It is cost-effective because it doesnit require special hardware devices to "read" the information other than an available USB port. SmartID uses encryption inside the key itself to guarantee that only the person with the right password and the right SmartID key can log in.

In todayis Information Age, business is based upon data and it is vital for organizations to be able to protect it. There have been a number of increasingly high-profile security lapses in organizations that rely on password-only authentication. And in todayis business climate this trend is likely to accelerate. SmartID provides security and peace of mind to businesses facing these threats.

SmartID is sold in three modules that enable access to secure your information and data over three main modes. The Local/Network Login module allows each authorized person to have access to a designated workstation and specified information in the network. Another module also provides Internet Content Protection for data and/or software stored on a server and accessed through a browser. Finally, for employees who are working off-site, there is also a module that features Remote Access Login.

SmartID will be available beginning January 2001 and no purchasing information is available yet.