New Ultra-Tiny CD-RW Available

Adonics has released a new super small CD-RW. The new Addonics Pocket CD-RW runs at a very respectable 8x4x24, and comes with the option of FireWire, USB, or Card Bus connectivity. Weighing less than one pound, the new drive is easily portable. According to Adonics:

Addonics Technologies today announced a sleek new 8x4x24 CD-RW storage solution for PCs or Apple Macintosh users that?s barely larger than a standard Compact Disc case.

Addonics Pocket CD-RW enables users to record their own drive CDROM data at 8x speed as well as read CD-R, CD-RW disc, video CDs, music CDs, and Photo CDs at 24x speed. The recorded CD-RW media can also be played in a DVD player or multimedia CD-ROM player.

The Pocket CD-RW is available with a choice of one interface cable (USB, Firewire, or CardBus) with each version. Designed with the Addonics Universal Storage Interface Bus (USIB standard), the drive will be upgradeable to USB 2.0 when the interface is released later this year. The Firewire version can be powered from the Firewire port, making the drive a true portable device and ideal for PC notebook or Mac PowerBook users.

The Pocket CD-RW measures 5.62? x 5.31? x .8? and weighs just 14 ounces, making it one of the lightest and most compact CDRW drives available.

The drive works with CD-R and CD-RW media discs. Each disc can holdabout 74 minutes of audio or about 650MB of data. The Pocket CDRW issuited for many personal and business uses such as: archiving data;making backup copy of CD software or music CDs, software distribution;recording or playing personalized CD-audio discs or running CD-ROMapplications. By writing data in the UDF (Universal Disk Format), theCD-R or CD-RW media can be read by other CD ROM drives. With this datacompatibility, the CD-RW becomes a viable replacement for floppy drivesand a very attractive large capacity removable storage alternative.

The Adonics Pocket CD-RW is available for US$459 for the USB or CardBus version, and US$499 for the Firewire model. You can find more information at the Adonics Web site.