New Utility Allows Users To Create Web Photo Albums

LAJ Design has released a new utility allows users to easily create Web-based photo albums, Quickie Photos 1.0. Quickie Photos allows users to turn a series of images into a set of HTML formatted pages displaying thumbnails and full sized images for easy viewing. According to LAJ Design:

Quickie Photos to web 1.0 is an application for quickly transferring pictures to web pages. It allows the user options for formatting the output html as the user sees fit. It creates not only an index page (with thumbnails for all the images), but also creates html pages for all of the individual images. The registered user can use a custom template to let the user keep a design just adding the web album. This is a 45-day demo that can be unlocked at anytime by registering. For unregistered copies, the days remaining is shown in the about window and on the splash screen at startup.

Quickie Photos to web 1.0 Features:

  • The ability to import JPEG, GIF, BMP, PICT, or PNP pictures.
  • Options for the height, border, and alignment for thumbnails.
  • Preview the pictureis thumbnail while entering a description for that picture.
  • A common header or footer text area (allowing for text above or below the photo table) for each page.
  • Format the Font, Size, Alignment for the picture description, header line, and the footer line.
  • Border size selection for the table, thumbnail, or images.
  • Specify html page properties such as background image, colors for text and link, Meta tags.
  • Navigation Bar for rearranging the pictures to the desired order or remove unwanted pictures.
  • For the Registered user - The option to use a custom template. This allows the user to take a formatted web page, add a few comments to it, and use it as the template.? No more hassles of copying tables or modifying the output from another program.
  • For the Registered user - The Ability to use a custom template.
  • For the Registered user - The Ability to save the current setup.
  • For the Registered user - The option of showing the Created by logo at the bottom of each page.
  • For the Registered user - No time limit.

Quickie Photos is available for US$18. You can find more information at the LAJ Design Web site.