New Utility Allows Users To Display Finder Items

Impendix Software has updated their Finder enhancement utility, Impendix Console, to version 2.0. Impendix Console allows users to display Finder items, easily access URLis, and resolve mathmatical strings. According to Impendix Software:

Impendix Software is proud to announce the availability of Impendix Console 2.0, the finder enhancement that allows users to:

  • open finder items
  • reveal finder items (NEW)
  • resolve mathematical expressions (EXTENDED: trigonometrical functions support, x support for linear equations, m support for memory, and more)
  • "http" and "ftp" support (NEW) with a simple to use bar that contains a text field.

New feautures:

  • urls support
  • reveal finder items
  • icons display
  • themes support
  • scriptable

Impendix Console is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Impendix Software web site.