New Utility Allows Users To Set Wakeup Items

Justin Christie and Paul Scandariato have released a new utility allowing users to easily set items to automatically open or launch when their Mac wakes up from sleep. iWake is actually a derivation of a program that the authors created at this monthis MacHack conference. According to the authors:

Justin Christie and Paul Scandariato, two student developers on the Mac, are pleased to announce iWake 1.0. iWake is a joint project originally developed for MacHack 2001, a developer conference held in Dearborn, Michigan.

After being mentioned in several Mac newsletters and newspapers across the United States as one of those pesky "useful" Yoot (student) hacks to come out of MacHack, people have started asking for it - so weive rewritten it and added some great functionality. Being student developers and all, we figured... why not sell it to get us to MacHack 2002?

iWake includes this great functionality:

  • Launches files in a Wakeup Items folder whenever your computer wakes up.
  • Supports More Wakeup Items, an alternative folder which can be triggered with modifier keys.
  • Modifier keys and combo sets to open multiple folders at once.
  • Shift-key abort of wakeup items settable on a per-wakeup basis.
  • Automated installer which loads and demonstrates iWake automatically.
  • Helpful, to-the-point documentation.

iWake is available for US$10. You can find more information at Mr. Scandariatois Web site.