New Utility Automates Tracking Apple Store Orders

Austin Shoemaker has released a handy utility for tracking the status of your G4 PowerBook order, or any other Apple Store order for that matter. The AppleStore Order Status Utility allows users to easily check the status of any Apple Store order, allowing change in status to be easily identified. According to Mr. Shoemaker:

The AppleStore Order Status Utility is a small program that remembers your order information and informs you of changes to the status of your order when double-clicked. (Mainly for those of us waiting for our PowerBook G4s!)

After receiving a lot of feedback from people who downloaded the first version of the script, I have released an updated package that makes it easier for dial-up users and works with European AppleStore web sites.

The AppleStore Order Status Utility is available for free. You can find more information at Mr. Shoemakeris Web site.