New Utility Helps Download And Manage Web Images

R.A.D. Productions has released a new utility that simplifies the process of downloading and managing images from the Web, Suck It Down. Suck It Down allows users to easily retrieve a series of images, such as those presented in a typical World Wide Web "thumbnail" photo album. According to R.A.D. Productions:

R.A.D. Productions, a new MacOS software development company, today released its new product Suck It Down. Suck It Down is an Internet utility that streamlines the retrieval of images from web sites.

Do you frequent web sites that have thumbnail pictures that are links to images or movies? Like Aunt Mildredis photo page, or the digital pictures from your last vacation? Suck It Down will grab all of those images and put them into the folder of your choice. It can do this without you even having to go to the page.

Not only will it download the pictures for you, it will display JPEG and GIF images as they are downloading, giving you a mini slide show. And after the download is complete, you can click or key through the images and throw away any you don?t like.

You give it a URL and it will download all of the JPEG, GIF and MPEG files that are links off that page. This is particularly useful on pages that have a thumbnail image and a link to the image.

Suck It Down is available for US$19.95. You can find more information at the R.A.D. Productions Web site.