New Utility Helps OS X Apps Remotely Communicate

Jiiva has announced a new "middleware" solution for Mac OS X, RapidMQ. RapidMQ allows OS X applications to communicate with each other remotely, opening up a wealth of usability possibilities for the new operating system. According to Jiva:

Jiiva, Inc., announces a beta release of RapidMQ available for immediate download from RapidMQ is the first Messaging & Queuing technology product designed specifically for Appleis Mac OS X. Messaging & Queuing enables software programs to communicate securely with other programs running on remote computers. Messaging & Queuing is a powerful and flexible communication tool enabling normally incompatible computers to communicate.

In a growing culture of interconnected computers and people, basic software such as an MP3 music player could benefit from Jiivais RapidMQ. It is increasingly common for desktop software to communicate with a server over the Internet for product registration, software updates, technical support chat rooms, and other functionality. RapidMQ provides a secure and reliable means for these programs to communicate.

Downloading the RapidMQ beta will allow developers to learn about RapidMQis features and provide an opportunity to get a head start in making plans to incorporate RapidMQ technology into current and future software applications. The RapidMQ beta contains C APIs, several server agents, preliminary documentation, and many example programs. Beta users are encouraged to provide feedback, helping to ensure RapidMQ Version 1.0 includes features that meet their needs.

Jiiva believes Messaging & Queuing technology should be available and affordable to all types and levels of software developers.

Pricing for RapidMQ has not yet been set. You can find more information at the Jiiva Web site.