New Utility Makes AppleScripting Easier

Power-Scripts has released a new tool to assist users in the creation of AppleScipts, Script Tool Box 1.0. The Script Tool Box, along with Appleis Script Editor, provide a complete set of tools for easily creating AppleScript files. According to PowerScripts:

Power-Scripts Announces the release of Script Tool Box 1.0.

About Script Tool Box: Script Tool box is an application designed to aid in the writing of AppleScript by giving scripters some features not present in the current Script Editor. By using Script Tool Box along with Script Editor you can greatly enhance your productivity in writing AppleScripts.


1. Get Dictionary - allows you to have easy access to a customizable list of scriptable applications you frequently need the AppleScript dictionaries to. And will open the selected applications dictionary.

2. File Path / Folder Path - will allow you to get the file path or folder path to a selected item and will past the file path or folder path onto the clipboard. This makes it ready to past into your AppleScript, for scripts dealing with file and folder manipulation.

3. Open clipboard - allows you to have one click access to the finderis clipboard.

4. ASCII Table - opens a window with an ASCII table so you can quickly see what ASCII number relates to which character and the characters name.

5. Run Script - allows you to have a customizable list of scripts that can be run from within Script Tool Box.

6. Extensibility - Script Tool Box is scriptable meaning it has its own AppleScript dictionary. Also it is attachable meaning you can run your own custom scripts from Script Tool Box. These features allow you to extend its functionality using AppleScript.

Script Too Box is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Power-Scripts web site.