New Utillity For Creating Moving ASCII Images Released

Frank Bitterlich has released a new app for Mac users, Moving ASCII. Moving ASCII is a utility designed for creating ASCII based moving images. The app features support for various image formats and Quicktime compatible movies. According to Frank Bitterlich:

Frank Bitterlich is proud to announce the initial release of Moving ASCII, a software tool to generate ASCII art movies and images. Moving ASCII is made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc.

"ASCII art images" are images made from letters, numbers and other ASCII characters instead of pixels, which are arranged in such a way that the impression of the original image is preserved. Moving ASCII generates ASCII art movies from all kinds of Quicktime-compatible movies, and ASCII art images from various popular image formats. A number of parameters are customizable, from background and foreground color to resolution and transparency.

You can find more information about the Moving ASCII release at the Frank Bitterlich Web site. Moving ASCII is available as freeware.