New VST/SmartDisk Flash Media Reader Available

SmartDisk, formerly VST, has released a new USB Flash Media Reader. The new Media Reader has two slots, and reads both CompactFlash and SmartMedia cards. The new reader allows users to easily transfer data from MP3 players, video cameras, and a host of other Flash Media enabled devices. According to SmartDisk:

SmartDisk Corporation (Nasdaq: SMDK) announced today its new Universal Serial Bus (USB)-based VST Flash Media Reader, a dual-slot desktop flash memory reader for both CompactFlash? and SmartMedia? cards. With the new reader, consumers who own digital cameras, MP3 players, voice recorders, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other digital appliances that use different flash memory cards need just one reader to transfer their digital files to personal computers or the Internet. SmartDisk is demonstrating the VST Flash Media Reader at Apple Expo 2000 in Paris, Sept. 13-17 at the Porte de Versailles, Hall 4, booth G55.

The VST Flash Media Reader features side-by-side media slots housed in a vertically oriented casing. Its unique angled styling allows users to insert and remove media comfortably with just one hand. Most flash card readers sit flat on a desktop, requiring users to pick them up to insert or eject the media card. The VST Flash Media Reader works with CompactFlash Type I/II and SmartMedia cards of all capacities, and supports both Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

Fast Transfer Speeds, Complete Compatibility
The VST Flash Media Reader will transfer data at speeds of up to 1.2 MB per second -- the equivalent of one very high resolution photo or four to five average resolution photos per second. Additionally, the VST Flash Media Reader is the first to offer users the ability to transfer pictures, songs or other digital files directly from a SmartMedia card to a CompactFlash card, or vice versa, without first saving the files to their computeris hard drive. This is a significant time saver for consumers who like to swap files from one digital appliance to another. In addition, the VST Flash Media Reader is USB bus-powered, so no external power supply is required, allowing it to be used with USB-equipped portable notebooks on the road. "Consumers are embracing digital appliances like digital cameras and music players because theyire easy to carry, fun to use and convenient," said Quresh Sachee, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for SmartDisk. "In the absence of a single standard for flash memory cards, however, consumers have been forced either to purchase multiple readers or to tether their digital appliances to their computers to transfer data. The VST Flash Media Reader simplifies this process by reading the two most common flash memory cards, CompactFlash and SmartMedia, from one attractive unit. This reader is the latest in a line of SmartDisk data connectivity products that offer outstanding value and reliability to consumers, which is key to our corporate mission of simplifying the digital lifestyle."

Other digital lifestyle products from SmartDisk include the VST brand of FireWire? and USB compact portable hard drives (for Macintosh and Windows) and the FlashPath? floppy disk-shaped reader/writer for flash memory. Consumers can quickly and easily store, transport and share songs, photos, audio files and other digital data on the portable drives after transferring it with the VST Flash Media Reader. FlashPath, which works from a personal computeris 3.5-inch floppy disk drive, is an alternative reader for laptop users, home users, or others interested in a cable-free reader.

The Flash Media Reader is available for US$69.95. You can find more information at the VST web site.