New VST Compatible Plug-in From MacMusic

MacMusic and Dragan Petrovic have teamed up to bring you a new VST compatible music plug-in, FX Delay. The new plug-in offers a multi tap stereo delay with phase cancellation, and is optimized to take advantage of Appleis G4 Velocity Engine technology. According to MacMusic:

Written by Dragan Petrovic, Fx-delay is a multi tap (up to 6) stereo delay, with phase cancelation.

It is an Altivec optimized VST plug-in.

  • Delay time is up to 340 ms.
  • Delays knob change number of delays (up to 6) used at the same time.
  • First knob is the first delay in miliseconds.
  • Timing knob change delay between each module.
  • ?FeedB knob change FeedBack for all moduls.
  • Density knob adds density of FeedBack.

Compatibility: any Macintosh software using VST technologie. Tested softwares include Logic Platinum, Cubase VST, Spark, Peak.

The plug-in is available for free, and you can find more information at the MacMusic web site.