New Version Of Commesso Shipping

ideaResources has released a new version of Commesso, bringing it to version 3.0. Commesso is an eCommerce app designed for Web developers and administrators. The latest version ships with several features including JSP templates and full shopping cart support. According to ideaResources:

Commesso provides a "technology-based distributed system" that is massively scalable, portable, platform independent, and features easy administration and maintenance. The client is so easy to use, general office help can maintain complex retail and b2b e-commerce web sites. In addition to administration and maintenance, Commesso can evolve with the enterprise. As business needs change, Commesso can change to satisfy those needs.

Commessois open database architecture makes it compatible with any SQL compliant database, such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and FrontBase. With relative ease it can be integrated into most accounting systems.

Commesso comes bundled with these standard features:

  • Standard ideaResources JSP templates
  • Product and product option management
  • Product search engine
  • Category management
  • Cross selling product management
  • Electronic gift certificate support
  • UPS order tracking
  • Shopping cart
  • Order management
  • Basic sales reports
  • Two way checkout process
  • User management

You can find more information about the Commesso release at the ideaResources Web site. Commesso 3.0 is available starting at US$4,999.00 for a single site users license.