New Version Of LCedit+ Now Shipping

CDS advanced technology bv has released a new version of LCedit+, bringing it to version 3.0. LCedit+ is a lighting editor app designed for use in theaters and museum environments. The new version features several performance enhancements including support for LanBox-LCX and LCM. According to CDS advanced technology bv:

CDS advanced technology bv announces the version 3.0 release of LCedit+, the advanced LanBox lighting editor, for multiple platforms.

We are very excited about this new release of LCedit+, which can be downloaded for free from our site. This new version of LCedit+ adds, besides support for the new LanBox-LCX and LanBox-LCM, many new features:

  • Support for LanBox-LCX and LCM (512 light channels)
  • New much simpler to use human interface for layers (engines)
  • Selecting of fixtures/groups on stage by key navigating
  • Individual intensities of a group are now also shown
  • Printing of the cast list in sorted order is added
  • Renaming and renumbering of fixtures/groups is made flexible
  • More key shortcuts and CLI commands (also for the Windows version)
  • Split fades and "add" mixing on LCX & LCM
  • Global settings extended for LCX (TCP/IP, DMX-in, digital out)
  • Write to MIDI script command on LCX & LCM

You can find more information about the latest version of LCedit+ at the CDS advanced technology bv Web site. LCedit is available free for download.