New Version Of MoonMenu Released From Selznick Scientific

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC has released a new version MoonMenu, bringing it to version 2.0. MoonMenu is a moon phase data app designed to track lunar data including moon age and lunation. The latest version ships with new features and OS X support. According to Selznick Scientific Software:

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC is very pleased to announce an upgrade for MoonMenu(tm) to Version 2.0 for MacOS 8, 9 and X.

MoonMenu is an application that allows users to analyze lunar data like lunation, lunar phase, illumination, moon age, Farmersi Almanac names, and upcoming quarter predictions. Easy to use controls allow users to explore all of these lunar data through any day and time. MoonMenu also has automatic "blue moon" detection which actually colors the moon icon blue.

MoonMenu(tm) 2.0 offers sun, twilight, and moon rise and set along with long awaited MacOS X compatibility.

MoonMenu(tm) draws the current phase of the moon in the menubar. The menu icon, when selected, reveals the following information:

  • A textual description of the moon phase
  • Illumination percentage
  • The moonis age in days
  • Current lunation number
  • Farmersi Almanac name for the current lunation
  • Upcoming quarter predictions
  • Automatic "blue moon" detection that actually colors the moon blue
  • Sun rise/set times
  • Twilight rise/set times
  • Moon rise/set times

You can find more information about the latest MoonMenu update at the Selznick Scientific Software, LLC Web site. MoonMenu 2.0 is available for US$12.00, current users can upgrade for US$6.95.