New Version Of OmniObjectMeter Released

The Omni Group has released a new version of OmniObjectMeter, bringing it to version 2.0. OmniObjectMeter is a Cocoa development tool designed for the tracking and solving of memory management coding mistakes. The latest version features several new enhancements including integration with Project Builder IDE for specific source file retrieval. According to The Omni Group:

The Omni Group, developers of Mac OS X applications and game ports, announce OmniObjectMeter 2.0, a tool aimed at Cocoa developers that provides an easy way to track and solve common memory management coding mistakes.

Developers need to be certain that memory is not being used by objects that no longer need it. After an object has served its function, it should be disposed of or its memory will be "leaked". When an object is not correctly detached from the application, or "de-allocated", memory space is wasted and the application can become slow or crash.

OmniObjectMeter offers an effective way to seek out these memory leaks, multiply deallocated objects, and improve an applicationis performance. Rather than searching through thousands of objects in a system, developers can use ObjectMeter to quickly detect the problematic code. Complex and time consuming code reviews can be done in minutes with OmniObjectMeter, ultimately resulting in more robust applications.

OmniObjectMeter allows developers to easily find and fix memory leak situations, rather than wasting days searching for them.

Technical Features:

  • Displays allocated blocks, allocation events for each block and the stack trace responsible for each allocation event
  • Allows you to easily match retain events with their corresponding release events
  • Tracks allocation event information for deallocated objects on a category-by-category basis
  • Displays the memory allocation events (or any other event type) for a category in a hierarchical tree formed from the stack trace responsible for each event
  • Integrates with Appleis Project Builder IDE to allow developers to open specific source files from ObjectMeter.
  • Integrates with Cocoais built-in "zombie" support to easily locate invalid usages of deallocated objects (and then determine the reason for their premature deallocation)
  • Allows easy location of code that allocates large numbers of temporary objects, allowing developers to optimize their memory usage

You can find more information about the latest version of OmniObjectMeter at The Omni Group Web site. OmniObjectMeter 2.0 is available for US$149.95.