New Version Of Spectra Features Snow Effects

Virtix, Inc. has released a new version of Spectra, bringing it to version 2.0. Spectra is an iMovie plug-in designed for expanding the standard iMovie effects palette. The latest version features new effects including Snow and Bubbles. According to Virtix:

Virtix, Inc. announces the immediate availability of Virtix Spectra 2.0 for iMovie. Version 1.0 contained 20 filters for iMovie which allow iMovie users to alter and correct images, highlight objects and add unique color effects to their videos.

Version 2.0 now also contains 4 new sophisticated bonus effects: Extreme Contrast, Bubbles, Crosseyed and Snow (just in time for the holidays!)

Snow, one of our most requested effects, adds a wintery look to your scene.

Extreme Contrast spreads an image evenly through the brightness spectrum, brightening a dark room, toning down an overexposed image and giving new life to washed-out scenes.

Bubbles can be used for simulating an underwater scene or giving an interesting look to titles.

Crosseyed conveys the viewpoint of a person passing out or waking up.

Virtix Spectra contains 3 Color Correctors, 3 Advanced Black & White filters, Color Spot, Color Bleed, Color Filter, Color Offset, Enhanced Photo Negative, Extreme Black & White with Color, Extreme Color Blend, Moonlight, Phasing Colors, Phasing Light, Rotate Colors (RGB), Rotate Colors (RBG), Strobe Light, and Sunset.

You can find more information about the latest Spectra release at the Virtix, inc. Web site. Spectra 2.0 is available for US$24.99.