New Verson Of Quick Pallet Maker Released

SCA Mecanica has released a new version of Quick Pallet Maker, bringing it to version 3.0. Quick Pallet Maker is a utility designed for pallet loading and packaging. The latest version ships with new features including box fill and new palletizing arrangements. According to SCA Mecanica:

SCA Mecanica has posted on its Web site the second major upgrade to Quick Pallet Maker, its efficient pallet-loading / packaging design software. This new version introduces the box fill feature, a pallet layer editor, bottles, new palletizing arrangements and a change to the calculation engine that allows more flexibility and a wider array of pallet solutions.

Quick Pallet Maker is a package design application that calculates and displays optimal pallet loads, based on Primary Package or Box dimensions and load restrictions.

You can find more information about the latest version of Quick Pallet Maker at the SCA Mecanica Web site. Quick Pallet Maker is available for US$379.00.