New Video Codec From Streambox

Streambox, Inc. has released a new app for video professionals, Streambox ACT-L2. Streambox ACT-L2 is a QuickTime video codec designed for full motion video streaming on the Web. The Streambox ACT-L2 provides high res playback through dial-up or DSL and offers developers reduced overhead costs. According to Streambox:

Streambox Inc., a Seattle-based software company specializing in advanced video compression and delivery technologies, announced at QuickTime Live the release of Streambox ACT-L2ä streaming Codec for QuickTime, the digital media standard for capturing, encoding and delivering content on the Internet.

Streambox ACT-L2 Codec delivers full-screen, full-motion video of VHS/DVD quality at 200 - 1200 Kbps. For content owners and network operators, the superior quality of Streambox ACT-L2 saves them 30 percent in cost when delivering high-quality video on the QuickTime platform.

Ported to x86, PowerPC, TI C6000, and Equator MAP-CA architectures, Streambox ACT-L2 (Advanced Compression Technology - Level 2) provides unequaled video quality over dial-up as well as DSL and cable modems. Engineered to take advantage of QuickTime cross-platform capabilities, ACT-L2 allows the display of digital content to both the TV and computer monitor.

You can find more information about Streambox ACT-L2 at the Streambox, Inc. Web site. Streambox ACT-L2 pricing is available from the sales department.