New Video Converter From Miglia Tech

Miglia Technology is now shipping Directoris Cut iTake 2i, an A/D video converter. Directoris Cut iTake 2i converts analog video into the Firewire codec so that VHS and Super-8 formats can now be download to hard drives. The new device has improved hardware compression chips and components for reducing artifacts. According to Miglia Technology:

Miglia Technology, today announced the shipping of the latest version of its award winning A/D video converter, Directoris Cut iTake 2i. The launch of the new sleek aluminium bodied device coincides with IBTS the national Video show in Milano, Italy . For those visiting the Show 4-8 October 2001 Ferro Milano, Miglia Directoris Cut iTake 2i can be viewed on the Turnover stand (PAD 9 Stand B31).

Directoris Cut enables users of Analogue style camcorders (pre-DV) or VCRis to capture video directly to the hard drive of their Macintosh over an IEEE1394 Firewire connection using their chosen capture/editing application!

Internally Directoris Cut iTake 2i has also undergone some changes with the addition of new and improved hardware compression chips. Additional components designed to reduce artifacts that may be generated during the capture and conversion of the video stream have also been added. The quality was good before and with the new enhancements it is now even better, rivalling systems costing a lot more.

You can find more information about Directoris Cut iTake 2i at the Miglia Technology Web site. Dirctoris Cut iTake 2i is available for US$449.99.