New Web Based Instant Messaging From Digi-Net

Digi-Net Technologies, Inc. has released a new app for Mac OS, Hubz. Hubz is a Web based instant messaging utility designed for two way communication on Web sites. Hubz ships with several features including Population Awareness for showing who is viewing a particular page at any given time. According to Digi-Net Technologies:

Digi-Net Technologies, Inc., a leader in real-time messaging technology for e-commerce and community building applications, has announced the release Hubz.

Hubz™ is the Internet’s first truly Web-based instant messaging solution designed specifically for the Mac OS. It is an interactive, Java-based Web applet that transforms the Web from a predominantly one-way push platform into a truly interactive, live, real-time, two-way communication medium. Hubz allows visitors on the same site or the same page to see and interact with each other without special programs, plug-ins or client-side software.

Features of Hubz include:

  • Instant Messaging – Site visitors can interact with any other visitor through familiar text-based instant messages
  • Population Awareness – Only product available that allows users to see who exactly is on any given page at any given moment
  • Expanded Buddy List – Every site visitor instantly becomes part of user’s online buddy list
  • No Downloads Necessary – Site visitors do not need to download any software or install any plug-ins. Visit a Hubz-enabled site and simply start interacting and chatting
  • Total Community Package – A critical part of Digi-Net’s total community package that also includes messaging and bulletin board components

You can find more information about the Hubz release at the Digi-Net Technologies, Inc. Web site. Hubz hosting packages are available by contacting the Digi-Net sales team.