New Web Filtering Software Released

MAKI Enterprise has released a new Web filtering title called Kids GoGoGo. The utility is available only for the Mac OS, and aims to make surfing the Web "safer" for children.. According to MAKI:

MAKI Enterprise Inc. releases Web filtering software for MacOS, Kids GoGoGo.

In spite of worldwide increase of unsuitable Web sites for children, office and public space, there was not sufficient Web-filter for Macintosh platform. Kids GoGoGo blocks indication of these kind of web contents; sexual explicit material, online-casino, drug information, far more efficiently than other existing software. Please compare Kids GoGoGo to other filtering software and you can see the high filtration rate as well as many advantages of our product.

Features of Kids GoGoGo:

  • Filters known adult sites.
  • Filters unknown adult sites by analogy.
  • Prohibitory URL database of 500 000 sites is included.
  • Different from other Web filters, Kids GoGoGo does not slow down your Web browser or network traffic.
  • Administrator can add prohibitory URL to database.
  • Database is easily updated.
  • Any Swap URL for prohibited site is available.
  • Parents or administrator can set password for the functioning of Kids GoGoGo.
  • Site log of web browser can be recorded.
  • Memory requirement is only 1MB. KidsGoGoGo works even on old Macintosh models.
  • Works on any kind of internet connectivity: modem, Ethernet, TA/Router, Cable, DSL, Proxy etc.
  • Works on any Web browser.
  • Installation, setting and administration are very simple.
  • Blocks some kind of Web search result.

Kids GoGoGo is available for US$30. You can find more information at the MAKI Enterprise Web site.