New Workgroup Products To Ship

Team ASA has announced that they will begin shipping two new workgroup productivity application, cyanPrintIP and MacServerIP. Both products add increased functionality and productivity to network structures, by making it easier for users to share files and print perform print jobs. According to Team ASA:

Team ASA announces U.S. shipment of cyanPrintIP and MacServerIP Workstation cross-platform solutions at Seybold San Francisco

Team ASA will begin shipping cyanPrintIP at the Seybold San Francisco show. cyanPrintIP is a Print-over-IPserver running on Windows NT/2000 for Mac and PC clients which is up to 5x faster than other print servers. Team ASA will also begin distribution of the MacServerIP workstation version.

As a high performance and reliable pre-press solution, cyanPrintIP enhances workgroup productivity with an integrated suite of services and cross-platform compatibility. The print server lets you manage the printers on your AppleTalk and Windows network and your production workflow for maximum efficiency. The server can do PostScript analysis and pre-flight check for all print jobs before printing and it can display the analysis and resource information of these jobs graphically. A load balancing protocol distributes print jobs to the fastest idle printers, while a font management utility ensures that all fonts are loaded on the job.

MacServerIP is the first AppleShare type server for Windows-NT to support the Apple File Protocol over TCP/IP. MacServerIP is 200% to 400% times faster than Windows-NT Services For Macintosh (SFM). MacServerIP users access the NT server via the standard AppleShare IP Chooser interface. The workstation version makes an NT workstation into an AppleshareIP server, connects up to ten users, and has all the features of a full working version of MacServerIP.

Features not supported under Windows 2000

For those not ready to upgrade to Windows 2000 and need seamless connectivity to their Macintosh environment, MacServerIP is the answer. Even for those who upgrade to Windows 2000, there are significant advantages of MacServerIP which are not supported by Windows 2000.

Pricing for MacServerIP starts at US$495. You can find more information at the Team ASA web site.