New York Apple Store Opening: Scuffles and Rioting [UPDATED]

At the opening of the Apple retail store at 14th Street and 9th Ave in New York on December 7th, a very large crowd became somewhat aggressive when the doors opened, and turned riotous, according to Kenn Marks Sr. at PowerPage on Saturday.

There was light snowfall as 6:00 PM approached with an estimated 6,800 in line. "Everyone in line was congenial and typical Apple event camaraderie abounded, that is until the doors opened then the rock concert mentality kicked in; pushing shoving and line jumping," Mr. Marks reported. "The NYPD and hired SECURITY force had to increase itis presence and started ejecting rowdy persons from the line."

"My friend who went up to NY from the Philly area with me has attended over a dozen Apple openings worldwide and he said this one really scared him so much, almost to the point of leaving the line and going back to Philly without our goodies" Mr. Marks continued. "I have attended a couple other Store openings myself and yes this was the most disorganized and uncontrolled of any."

Even more alarming was this observation: "People on crutches were almost being pushed to the ground and they crowded almost to suffocation a man in a wheel chair. The line did not care, they wanted their freebies," the report said.

One person told Mr. Marks that heid received an e-mail from Apple "stating the first 10 people in line would receive a free laptop." Two local radio stations reported that "free iPods would be given to anyone in line over age 21."

Mr. Marks couldnit confirm the larger prizes, but most people ended up with US$10 iTunes gift certificates and a poster of Manhattan comprised of a grid of iPhone/Google map displays.

[UPDATE: The original story was attributed incorrectly to Jason OiGrady. The author of the story at Mr. OiGradyis Website was Kenn Marks, Sr.]