New York Post: Apple & Amazon Working on iTunes Music Store For Amazon

The New York Post is reporting today that Apple and Amazon are working together on an Amazon-branded iTunes Music Store. On Friday, TMO published a column calling for the two companies to do just that [Editoris Note: Timing is everything.]. The New York Post does not name its sources, but says that talks between the two companies are in an "advanced" stage. From the Post:

Apple Computer and are working on a deal that will make Appleis popular new online music store available on Amazon, The Post has learned. The parties are in advanced talks and a deal is expected, though sources warn that negotiations might still unravel.

A partnership of the two technology giants would have clear benefits for both. Apple would gain a significant new distribution outlet for its fledgling but fast-growing music service. Amazon would be able to expand its offerings to digital music - something it has wanted to do for some time.

Thereis more information in the full article at the Postis Web site.