New York Post Gives Apple's Music Store Thumbs Up, Praises Ease Of Use

Itis now a week since Apple introduced its new iTunes Music Store, but the praise is still pouring in. An article in the New York Post is the latest to take a look at the pros and cons of Appleis new service, stating that "the pros are ahead for now." The article goes on to compare Appleis music store to peer to peer file-sharing programs, and specifically cites what the newspaper calls "Appleis user-friendliness." From the New York Post:

At this stage, the main drawback of Appleis system is that its library is too small - there are only some 200,000 songs to choose from - and because it hasnit yet got a deal with the independent labels, you canit get songs by bands like The Strokes or the White Stripes.


But even with that disadvantage, the iTunes Music Store outperforms licensed music download sites like EMusic, because it has a licensing deal with the five big labels: EMI, BMG, Sony, Universal and Warner.


And of course it boasts classic Apple user-friendliness. Instead of searching the web for a song, you search in Appleis database that is automatically downloaded into your iTunes program - one that Apple users are already familiar with. And all the problems associated with peer to peer file-sharing sites like - like corrupted files, incorrect labeling of tracks and security problems - are avoided.

You can the full article at the New York Postis site.