New York Post: Jobs' Mistake Opens The Door For Microsoft

The New York Post thinks Steve Jobs has made a big mistake. By walking away from renewing the vows Pixar had with Disney, The New York Postis Hilary Kramer believes that Jobs may be losing more than heis bargained for. From the the article, ODD JOBSi LOT :

Less than 10 days after Pixar ended talks with Disney about renewing their film distribution deal, Microsoft partnered with Disney in a multi-year deal for digital media initiatives, including licensing Microsoftis Digital Rights Management technology for home and portable media devices.

Noted Raul Arrazcaeta, managing director of Lazard Freres, "Pixar could have been the platform to launch an assault on old-fashioned movies and film. Jobs did it on the music side and he could have done it on the video side, too, but he told Disney to get lost, which opened the door for Microsoft."

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