New York Times Looks at iSync and Other Sync Services

The New York Times has an article comparing different services for synchronizing files between computers. The article is a great primer for beginners, and touts the merits of .Mac and iSync for Mac users.

The article compares the Windows only Microsoft Windows Live Favorites, and BeInSync, the cross-platform FolderShare, and Appleis Mac OS X 10.4 iSync.

Although both FolderShare and iSync have some limitations, and focus on different needs, iSync comes up the winner for Mac users that donit need to synchronize files with a Windows PC. A .Mac subscription, which costs US$99 a year, is required to take advantage of Appleis synchronization service. .Mac also includes several other services including, online storage space, web apge hosting, online calendars, email, and more.

One of the big bonuses of file synchronizing is that your files are backed up to another location. .Macis easy to configure synchronization tools are limited to Safariis bookmarks, iCal, Address Book, Mail, and Keychain, but the included Backup application can handle any other files you need to protect.

CNet also has a subscription free link to the New York Times article.