New York Times Praises iMac G5, Talks iPod Message

Like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times spent some ink today praising Apple. In todayis State of the Art column at the Times, David Pogue reviews the iMac G5. In that review he talks up the new iMac G5 as having a great design, a powerful processor, great speakers (as "any computer destined to be called the MacPod had better have"), for being quiet, etc. He introduces the new iMac by talking up its resemblance to the iPod, and saying that the message behind that resemblance is clear. From the article:

GOOD morning, and welcome to "Name That Apple!" Fingers on buzzers? All right, letis begin.

For 100 points: Itis a compact rectangular slab that plays great-sounding music from a built-in hard drive. The front is shiny white acrylic with a screen at the top. The corners and edges of the back panel are gently rounded. Over all, the simplicity and purity of its design give this machine a calm, elegant beauty. Name that Apple!

Bzzzzzt! No, Iim sorry, "iPod" is not the answer we were looking for. The correct answer is: "the new iMac G5."

If you couldnit help noticing a resemblance between the two Apple products, though, youire forgiven; Jonathan Ive, Appleis chief designer, made the new iMac look so much like his iPod design, it ought to come with white earbuds. The new desktop computer was clearly designed to send a message to the worldis four million iPod fans: "If you think our music player is great, you should check out our computers."

Mr. Pogue also criticizes the new iMac as having too little RAM at 256 MB as the base amount. Thereis much more in the full article, and we recommend it as a good read, especially if you have missed all of the other write ups of Appleis new iMac.

Thanks to Observer Paul Pomeroy for pointing us to this article.