New York Times Shines Spotlight On Mac OS X Beta, Mentions Mac Web Site

The New York Times has shined their immense spotlight on the Mac in an article about Mac OS X Beta. J.D. Biersdorfer covers the release of Mac OS X and the opportunity Apple has to gain new markets, as well as a brief history on Appleis other operating system efforts. Lastly, the article also includes a sidebar look at using Mac OS X Beta that offers a positive view of the OS. From the article:

The system is new not only in its new interface, called Aqua, but also at its core, which is based on the stable Unix operating system. "This is the single most anticipated release from Apple ever," proclaimed the Mac Observer, a Web site devoted to Macintosh news, late last week before the beta became available. "The eyes of the Mac world, the PC world, Wall Street and a few other places will be focused on Apple." While the stakes are high for Apple, the new operating system could have an impact on the rest of the computer world as well.

"If MacOS X is accepted," said Andreas Pfeiffer, editor of the industry newsletter The Pfeiffer Report on Emerging Trends and Technologies, "it will also help reestablish Apple as an innovator in the operating- systems space, where the company has kept a relatively low profile lately, and alongside with the continuing growth of Linux, it will contribute to the erosion of the Windows domination of the overall computing market."

Oh yeah, the author mentioned The Mac Observer too, and we thought we might pass that on. :-)

Read the full article, it is well written, offers great exposure to the Mac, and has some good information. You may need a free subscription to read the article.