Newer Brings Brings OS X Support To G3 Upgrade Users

Newer Technology has released new drivers bringing OS X Beta compatibility to their line of MAXpowr G3 upgrade card users. The MAXpowrX Driver allows MAXpowr users to immediately begin to use the latest version of Appleis forthcoming OS. According to Newer:

Newer Technology, the technology leader in Apple [NASDAQ: AAPL] Macintosh CPU upgrades, demonstrates their support of OS X with the introduction of prototype drivers for their G3 ZIF and G3 PCI cards. The drivers are specifically for Neweris MAXpowr G3 CPU upgrades. They will not function with other third party cards. The new MAXpowrX Driver will allow tens of thousands of MAXpowr G3 Users to immediately begin examining OS X. The MAXpowrX Driver unleashes the power of the MAXpowr G3 upgrade cards.

The drivers are immediately available for download. They can be accessed on Newer Technologyis web site at These drivers enable the current version of OS X Public Beta to correctly interact with Neweris G3 cards in the following machines:

  • PowerMac G3 Desktop - beige
  • PowerMac G3 Mini Tower - beige (Server variations included)
  • PowerMac G3 All-In-One - beige
  • PowerMac G3 Tower - blue & white
  • PowerMac G4 ("Yikes" ZIF motherboard with a MAXpowr G3 installed)
  • PowerMac 7500, 8500, 9500 (Server variations included)
  • PowerMac 7600, 8600, 9600 (Server variations included)
  • The PowerMac 7300 is not supported by this first Driver.

"We have diligently worked at creating a reliable set of Drivers for several months," stated John Nelson, Neweris iPresident. "We were ready with Drivers under the Developer Preview 4 of OS X. However, Apple made a series of significant, but welcome, changes in the Public Beta and we were forced to go back to the drawing board and revamp our drivers. We believe they are now ready for the Public Beta of OS X".

"We wish to remind Users that, while the MAXpowrX Driver will work with PowerMac 7500-9600 computers, it is not possible for Newer to guarantee flawless operation under OS X, stated Darryl Hinshaw, Neweris Director of Engineering. "Apple lists those computers as being unsupported. We can not wave a magic wand and suddenly cause them to be supported. We are pleased with the operation of OS X on those computers. It behaves pretty well".

You can find more information on the new drivers at the Newer Technology web site.