Newer Tech Pismo Upgrades Boost Batts And Drop Temp Stats

Newer Technology is shipping processor upgrades for PowerBook G3 Pismo users. The NUpowr 500MHz G4 processor upgrade replaces the G3 processor with a lower powered G4 processor, effectively boosting battery life and reducing operating temperatures. According to Newer Technology:

Newer Technology has updated the popular NUpowr 500MHz G4 processor upgrade for Apple PowerBook G3 iPismoi systems.

The revised upgrade uses the latest low-power PowerPC G4 processor, which not only runs up to 20 degrees Celcius cooler but also extends the usable battery time by an average of 20 minutes. Customers will also appreciate faster order fulfillment made possible by Neweris use of a new contract manufacturer.

You can find more information about the NUpowr 500MHz G4 processor upgrade at the Newer Technology Web site. The NUpowr 500MHz G4 processor upgrade is available for US$300.00.

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