Newsday Columnist Questions iPod Photo's Focus

Newsday columnist Stephen Williams has penned an editorial/review that questions the focus of Appleis new iPod Photo. Acknowledging the quality of the display on the iPod Photo and the massive storage capacity of the 60GB unit, Mr. Williams said that it was too expensive at US$599, and that the new photo-related features it brings to the iPod product line are all but useless. From the article:

Thatis one reason the iPod has a share of the digital audio player market that exceeds 90 percent, and why iPods of various flavors - the classic model, the Mini, the soon-to-arrive U2 version - sell up to 1million units per month.

What I need now is for Jobs to explain why he thinks a 40- or 60-gigabyte iPod Photo - a device with more power than a lot of personal computers - needs to do slide shows as well as play music.

Is this what America wants from an iPod?

The full column goes into more depth on the issue, including his criticism that the iPod Photo lacks focus. The column is being published by the L.A. Times, which requires a subscription.