Nifty Screen Saver Updated

Chaotic Software has teamed with Evological to release a new version of the popular Flavor Savers screensaver application. ?Flavor Savers is application, not extension, based thus improving system stability and performance. According to Chaotic Software:

FlavorSavers are your Macis ultimate screensaver package. They will save your Macis screen from phosphor burn-in, look really cool (impress your friends!) and provide security for your system while youire away.

FlavorSavers is application based, so it provides a very stable environment for your Macintosh, unlike those other packages, such as... well, we wonit name names.Best of all, FlavorSavers is under on-going development, and is fully compatible with all current MacOS versions! FlavorSavers was co-developed by Chaotic Software and Evological, to provide you with the coolest, best quality software possible.Try them out, send us your suggestions, and most of all, enjoy!

Flavor Savers is available for US$24.95. You can find more informations at the Chaotic Software web site.