Nikon Releases Major Upgrade to Capture NX Software

Nikon USA announced an upgrade, version 1.1, of its Capture NX software for Mac OS X on Wednesday. Improvements include increased performance, support for Intel-based Macs, and a simpler user interface that includes resizable palettes for histograms and curves and level adjustments.

Capture NX is an application that allows Nikon photographers to access, download, and manipulate their camera images. In addition to JPEF and TIFF support, it also supports Nikonis RAW (NEF) files.

A 30 day free trial of Capture NX is available from Nikonis USA site. It is priced at US$149.95 in boxed form from dealers or a license key can be purchased online. A upgrade price of $89.95, for a limited time, is available to current owners of version 4 in the U.S.