Nisus Now Shipping Nisus Writer Express

Nisus Software, Inc. is now shipping Nisus Writer Express 1.0. Nisus Writer Express is a utility designed for word processing. The app ships with support for Unicode support and a customizable interface. According to Nisus Software:

Nisus Software announces the release of its all new OS X word processor, Nisus Writer Express 1.0 after a highly successful public beta testing program.

Nisus Writer Express has been written from the ground up using the Cocoa frameworks to take full advantage of the advanced technologies of Mac OS X both now and into the future.

Features such as read/write documents in Unicode, RTF, RTFD, plain text format and Microsoft(R) Word (.doc); a customizable interface; AppleScript and Perl macros; noncontiguous selection; keyboard shortcuts; an exclusive Document Manager; powerful, three-level Find and Replace including Regular Expressions (GREP); multiple editable Clipboards; and slick document window zoom, make Nisus Writer Express the compelling choice for your word processing needs.

You can find more information about the Nisus Writer Express release at the Nisus Software Web site. Nisus Writer Express is available for US$59.95.