Nisus Writer Express Updated to Version 2.1

Nisus Software has announced an update for Nisus Writer Express (NWE), the companyis down-to-business word processor. The new version, 2.1, includes speed enhancements, French localization, and a number of bug fixes.

NWE can read/write documents in Unicode, RTF, RTFD, plain text format and Microsoft Word (.doc) format. Other features include a customizable interface, AppleScript and Perl macros, noncontiguous selection, keyboard shortcuts, a Document Manager, three-level Find and Replace including Regular Expressions (GREP), multiple editable Clipboards, and document window zoom.

The update is free to registered users, and the full version of Nisus Writer Express is priced at US$59.95 ($10 more for a CD copy). Nisus also announced a new Family Pack (3 licenses) for Nisus Writer Express priced at $99.95 (also $10 more for a CD copy).

You can find more information on Nisus Writer Express at Nisusis Web site.