No GeForce3 Yet, But NVIDIA Making Mark In Corporate World

While Mac users have not seen the long since promised GeForce3 card, Appleis hardware partner NVIDIA has been successfully making a name in the corporate market. In a statement released yesterday, NVIDIA announced that they are the market share leader in professional and corporate settings. These numbers were found in a study conducted by Gartner Dataquest. According to NVIDIA:

NVIDIA announced today it is the largest supplier of graphics solutions for the workstation graphics segment as reported in a recent study conducted by Gartner Dataquest, an internationally recognized market research firm. The study found that products featuring NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) held the largest market share in the workstation graphics segment with 34%. "The landscape for workstation graphics is changing as companies make aggressive and often successful transitions from the consumer to the professional graphics market," said Pia Rieppo, principal analyst for workstations at Gartner Dataquest, and author of the study. "Companies have been able to quickly gain significant market share in the professional graphics segment by leveraging production volumes, engineering resources and design commonalities across both spaces."

NVIDIA-based products dominated the midrange and entry-level market segments according to the study titled Workstation Graphics Cards Market Shares: 1H00. In the midrange segment of the market, 32.8% of all cards sold integrated NVIDIAis graphics processors, with ELSAis(tm) GLoriaII leading the pack with 22.9% of the market. In the entry-level segment, 34.2% of all solutions sold were NVIDIA-based, with ELSAis(tm) Synergy II the top seller at 19.2%.

"This market study confirms that NVIDIAis pace of innovation and technology roadmap has completely changed the dynamics of the workstation market," stated Dan Vivoli, senior vice president of marketing at NVIDIA. "Dataquestis market share numbers clearly emphasizes the success of our family of professional workstation solutions." NVIDIAis professional products currently include the Quadro2 family, a complete line of graphics solutions for advanced professional users. The Quadro2 family, based on NVIDIAis second-generation workstation GPU, delivers groundbreaking graphics horsepower and features NVIDIAis unified driver architecture for forward-and-backward and top-to-bottom compatibility, and unmatched professional OpenGL(tm) and DirectX(tm) performance. NVIDIA sells Quadro2 products direct to OEMs, and ELSA sells and markets Quadro2 products to other channels.

You can find more information about the company at the NVIDIA Web site.