No OS X, But OS X Site Launches

Even though it appears that Apple has slipped yet again on the release of OS X, a large support network is laying its roots in anticipation of the phantom OS. Xentrum, a new OS X based Mac news site, is the latest addition to this growing web. Offering news about OS X and related products and announcements, Xentrum will be there when Apple takes the wraps off Beta. According to Xentrum:

Today we are proud to announce that is ready, and that the site is operative on all levels. It has mainly three sections: News articles, Software updates and External articles/links. is probably the only 100% Mac OS X site around, since all traditional mac sites are still dealing with the current Mac OS. But when the Mac OS X beta will be ready this summer there is no doubt that it will receive a lot of attention and that people will be looking for sites like

Additional info for whom it might interest: is as most other sites, looking for partners in all kinds of ways. Do you for instance have a site that actually covers some areas better than what does today, and would you like to work with us?

You can find more information at the Xentrum web site.

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