Norbyte Goes Retro With Headbanger

Norbyte has released a new game title, Headbanger. Based on the old Atari game, Headbanger challenges users to stop heads from popping up at the bottom of the screen, without doing damage to anything else. According to Norbyte:

Headbanger is a highly addictive new shareware game from Norbyte, the creators of Manic Minefields and Rainbow Painter.

The game is an original idea, based on a similar game for the Atari published by the authors back in the early 1990is.

There are 10 columns on the screen, where various heads and other stuff pop up.The player uses 10 keys on the keyboard (one for each column) to drop heavy things on the heads, without hitting anything else (exactly what to hit varies from theme to theme, and is explained within the game).

There are three cool themes to choose from, but only one of them is available without registering.

Headbanger is available for US$7. You can find more information at the Norbyte Web site.