Norbyte Shipping New Mac Game

Norbyte has released a new game for Mac users, Bloxter. Bloxter is a strategy styled game modeled after the Tetris genre. The game features 30 boards and 3D graphics. According to Norbyte:

Independent software developer Norbyte has released a new 3D game called Bloxter, for Macintosh OS X.

Itis an arcade/puzzle game where you drop colored blocks and try to form lines of three or more, and it has 30 different variations ranging from simple but fun designs to arcade-like boards with alien monsters and bonuses.

The playeris job as a bloxter, is to manage a block reactor and produce as much energy as possible. To make things more complicated, the surroundings are inhabited by alien life-forms that just love to wreak havoc!

You can find more information about the Bloxter release at the Norbyte Web site. Bloxter is available shareware for US$19.95.